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My name is Johnny Sandaire. I am the owner of WebZest LLC. I love to work on Secure Web Applications projects that are beautiful, responsive, and effective at disseminating the necessary information about my clients' products and services. I am also a passionate and talented Commercial Photographer who captures beautiful, Studio-based, Photographs that highlight, in an artistic manner, the functional quality and efficiency of the products that I photograph.

Cyber Security Services, Web-based Applications, & Photography

As a Certified Information Cybersecurity Professional (CISSP) and Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD), I deliver secure, Web-based, Enterprise Solutions that align with the goals and objectives of my clients' organization and customers.

As a Commercial Photographer, my style and approach is eclectic, colorful, and bright. I love working with innovators to photograph their products for publication and marketing. My portfolio is available for viewing and consideration.

  • Certifications: CISSP, PMP, MCAD, CC, OpenFAIR
  • Address: 570 South Ave East, Building G, Suite F
  • City: Cranford, NJ 07086
  • Phone: +1 908-377-3627
  • Degree: Doctor of Computer Science
  • Concentration: Cyber Security
  • Email: js @ webZest dot com
  • Contractor: Upon Request

Service Connected Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business


I am a student of life and continue to Learn and grow daily

Project Management 90%

Commercial Photography 95%

HTML 98%

CSS 90%

JavaScript 75%

Design Essentials 90%

Web Site Hosting 95%

Web Sites Development 90%

Photoshop / Illustrator 95%

C# / Python / R / C++ / SQL75%

.NET 85%

Statistical Analysis 75%

Post-Production Photo Editing 95%

Teamwork 100%


The Internet is a living, evolving, and challenging medium, where project security is always at risk; therefore, application security remains a priority and keeps me on my toes. During my tenure at Lucent Technologies / Alcatel-Lucent / Hewlett-Packard / Nokia, my team and I delivered the most innovative and secure Patented Asset Management Applications (AMT) that monitored software licensing, intrusions, and provided a direct mitigating gateway to patch and restored infected PCs across the enterprise. Our legacy continues today and remains in production, protecting millions of assets. My clients are very happy and continue to call me on a regular basis.



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