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My name is Johnny Sandaire. I am the owner of WebZest LLC. I love to work on Web applications and build Web sites that are beautiful, responsive, and effective at disseminating the necessary information about my client's products and services. I am a Commercial Photographer who strives to capture beautiful images that represent the products in their artistic and functional capacity.

Web Developer & Commercial Photographer

I am passionate about building Web site applications that are responsive to the need of my clients and their customers. The Internet is a living and evolving space that presents a great deal of challenges. Security remains on top of my list and keeps me on my toes.

  • Birthday: 5 December
  • Website: www.johnnySandaire.com
  • Phone:+1 908-377-3627
  • City: Cranford, NJ : USA
  • Age: Young
  • Degree: Doctorate
  • Email: info @ JohnnySandaire dot com
  • Freelance: Available


I am a student of life and continue to Learn and grow daily

Project Management 90%

Commercial Photography 95%

HTML 98%

CSS 90%

JavaScript 75%

Design Essentials 90%

Web Site Hosting 95%

Web Sites Development 90%

Photoshop / Illustrator 95%

C# / Python / R / C++ / SQL75%

.NET 85%

Statistical Analysis 75%

Post-Production Photo Editing 95%

Teamwork 100%


My clients are very happy and continue to call me on a regular basis.



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