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Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) & Cybersecurity

WebZest LLC is located in Cranford, New Jersey. I am a Certified Cybersecurity Professional since 11/2022 as well as a Project Management Institute (PMI) Certified Project Management Professional (PMP ID: 898360) since October 2007 and a proud member of the PMI New Jersey Charter. I love working on complex Cybersecurity Projects, and dig right in to get the job done correctly, cost effectively, and efficiently. I also have a passion for Graphic Design and Commercial Photography. I am well-versed in the Visual Studio Development platform, utilizing the Microsoft .NET Development Framework for Web-based applications

Although I primarily code Web projects in C#, I originally started my programing journey in VBScript and JavaScript to develop my very first Active Server Pages (ASP) Web site at Lucent Technologies (1998), while working as an IT Consultant on their Year 2000 Project. My first Web site was amazing, colorful, and fun. I remember presenting it to my team and how everyone was extremely amazed by its functionality and style, at the time. We were at the outset of the Internet revolution and expectations were quite low. However, as our project evolved in size, layers, and complexity, data accumulated quickly, ranging from a few Desktop PCs to 150K nodes in a few months. Our newly-developed Asset Management Tool (AMT) that we developed for the project, collected information on all of the Desktop assets. WOW! We were ecstatic! Over time, the Web site evolved as the De-Facto Asset Management Portal that delivered, on-demand assets Software installation reports for individual and corporate licensing requirements.

Eventually, we increased our reach to collect and analyze data from UNIX systems as well.

Since that eureka moment, I have grown to code in SQL, C++, C#, Python, R, JavaScript, and JQuery, delivering responsive, data-driven Web applications for small businesses and large Corporations. Technically, I can understand most organic programing languages, Basic, DOS, Visual Basic, MS PowerShell, etc. and adapt to them as needed to achieve my development and Desktop Management goals. My choice of programing language varies and depends on the task at hand; mostly, it is driven by my desired final project and business requirements. My Asset Management algorithm Techniques received two US Patents and continue to be utilized at Nokia for their Asset Management and Software Licensing reconciliation requirements.

While I focused on design and UI-friendly applications at Hewlett-Packard during my tenure as an IT Operations Consultant IV, I focused on Security in all aspects of my project development and architecture designs. In fact, on two major virus outbreaks, our enterprise data and Asset Management Tool were instrumental in mitigating the risk and vulnerability from multiple infected assets that were part of a global DDoS attack. Within minutes, we deployed a remediation package to all affected assets, restoring the environment to its normal state in record time, while most of the competitive companies were still struggling with their infected devices. The motto "Prevention, Detection, and Correction" as a Complete Security strategy was alive and successful.

Over time, I have developed a unique and eclectic style as well as some innovative technical skills, such as Commercial Photography and Graphic Design with Adobe Illustrator, to achieve and deliver the visual impact that my clients require and expect to succeed in this competitive and challenging marketplace.

Commercial Photography

As a Commercial Product Photographer in New Jersey, I dedicate myself towards achieving my client's vision. I am very passionate about my creative process. I constantly seek to achieve new heights and challenge myself on a regular basis to enhance my creative process and approach. The blend suits me well and I am having lots of fun when shooting beautiful images. That is definitely a welcome time away from the crunch of the keyboard chasing vulnerabilities and Risks.

In my capacity as a Product Photographer, I am able to create beautiful E-Commerce photos in the Studio, on a white background, or in a lifestyle setting. E-Commerce-styled Product photographs are required with an Amazon-type Web sites for businesses, innovators, and entrepreneurs. My Commercial Photography services range from Products, Cosmetics, Food and Beverages, Portrait, to Fashion Accessories.

Pure White background and Lifestyle Product Photography are essential to a successful marketing campaign! I would love to work on your E-Commerce project and photograph your products to display them on your brand new Web site that we build together.

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